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A lamp that produces a pool of warm light from a low energy Plumen bulb. It is an immersive light to work or relax by, and compliments its environment when switched on or switched off.


It's made from waste and contributes towards sustainable forestry management.


No components are permanently joined. They interact with one another to create functional details. A contrast in material tactility, whilst making the object entirely, and easily recyclable.


QUERCUS Drawing.png

Design:            Max Ashford

Location:          Available in Europe and the UK

Manufacture:   UK - components mainly sourced from Europe

Dimensions:    330 x 370 x 100mm with 1000mm cable

Packaging:      100% Recycled card, recycled paper tape with vegetable based glue


Quercus is intended to be a functional and elegant showcase of the possibilities of design for a world in an abundance of waste. Made using a recycled glass bottle as the shade, this reduces the energy needed in full glass recycling. It also visually maintains the link to the where the component was sourced.

The manufacture is intended to be beneficial rather than damaging; the woodwork is completed by the same tree surgeons that planked the naturally fallen tree, leading investment into sustainable forestry management. The wood is reclaimed from fallen British Oak, by tree surgeons working to create healthier woodlands. Handled with full respect, using no artificial processes the wood remains totally natural. Bent into from using only steam/water and finished with nut based oils, the result is a component that will degrade in to nature’s recycling system after a long life of use. 

The electronic components have been selected for their quality and recyclability. With no components permanently joined Quercus can be easily disassembled for recycling or if needed repair.


  • “The materials are extremely high grade, local and recycled from fallen trees. We use new technologies mixed with old techniques to create a beautiful product. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and sustainable attitude,” - Alex Cave, WildWood  


No non-recyclable waste is produced. 

Made in limited numbers.


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The Devonshire woodland Quercus contributes too: