Quercus Table Lamp

Greeb Lab
Product Design
Released 2018
Created from a hybrid of approaches; using industrial lead design processes to create a lamp made using ancient techniques from modern waste.

The function is to produce light. To enhance its environment, not only when switched on, but also be pleasing when switched off.

Outside of its function it uses waste streams and contributes to sustainable forestry management in the UK; The wood is sourced only from natural fallen trees and treated without contamination, using only biosphere based processes and finishes, the form is achieved through steam bending rather than lamination. The shade, recycled from waste glass packaging, maintains a visual link to materials previous life cycles.

Most importantly Quercus is constructed to be as easy to repair and recycle as possible. The different components are not permanently joined, the construction is formed from the cable flowing through each part, tying the product together whilst forming functional details from material interactions.

A cut of the cable in one place separates the assembly into constituent grouped parts for recycling.

- Life Cycle Designed
- Closed Loop
- Manufactured Locally to Consumer
- Recycled
- Recyclable
- Sustainable Biosphere Sourcing
- Biosphere Material Innovation