Interaction Pots

Greeb Lab
Product Design
Released 2019
A series of products for the home.

Whether a sound, a motion, a squeeze or a drop - they create satisfying moments to compliment their function, transforming the simplest of tasks into moments of sensation for those who are observant enough. - Inspired from the Japanese concept of Haptic (触覚).

Produced in dense Portuguese cork, either raw or finished using only natural based processes - also inspired from traditional Japanese techniques. We have designed these products to be members of the biosphere alone, leaving them uncontaminated from harmful finishes. Any scraps or off-cuts from manufacture are recycled.

Mono-material design ensures they're fully and easily recyclable.

- Zero Waste Manufacture
- Life Cycle Designed
- Mono Material
- Closed Loop
- Manufactured Locally to Consumer
- Recyclable
- Sustainable Biosphere Sourcing
- Biosphere Material Innovation