Fire Safe

Wolf and Grizzly
Product Design
Released 2019
Fire Safe (designed for Wolf and Grizzly) is an ultra-compact fire pit/ fuel base which reduces the environmental impact of camp fires, whilst also being sustainable as an object by design.

The patent-pending hinged collapsible design affords a large fuel capacity, while maintaining a pack-down size slimmer than an inch and weighing less than one kilogram. Assembly is formed from only two parts, with cognitive design cues; a shape-to-shape attachment.

A modular systems approach has been adopted across the Wolf and Grizzly product line and Fire Safe is designed to be used seamlessly with Wolf and Grizzly’s Grill M1 Edition for cooking.

Air-flow has been carefully engineered to create an efficient burn of charcoal and wood in strong-to-light wind conditions, whilst making for easy ignition. This airflow, ensures the product is accessible to inexperienced users, whilst reducing the amount of fuel required for both warmth and cooking.

After use, the base component acts as a scoop for the ashes, creating the first disposal-conscious fire containment base.

Constructed entirely from 304 Stainless Steel for durability, corrosion resistance and long life,  the finishes have been detailed to be nonporous, making them easy to clean, whilst not using any additional harmful coatings. This uncoated single material assembly ensures that full recycling is as easy as possible - requiring no disassembly.

- Mono Material
- Recyclable
- Life Cycle Designed
- Sustainable Use